Papers of interest

A Quantitative Risk-Based Approach to the Transparency on Non-Equity Investment Products

by the Quantitative Analysis Unit of CONSOB

April 30, 2009

This paper belongs to the “Quaderni di Finanzaseries by Consob, the Italian regulator of financial markets. It offers a self-consistent quantitative approach to represent, through synthetic indicators, the risk-return profile of non-equity financial products.

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Disclosure Duties Relating to Complex Financial
Products and Marketing of Transactions and Insurance
Linked to Investment Funds

CMVM Regulation No. 2/2012

October 25, 2012

This Regulation by the CMVM, the Portuguese regulator of financial markets, introduces probabilistic risk indicators as a transparency tool for some structured financial products.

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Towards suitable investment decisions? Improving information disclosure for retail investors

Finance Watch

November 2012

Finace Watch is an independent, non-profit public interest association dedicated to making finance work for society. They published this position paper in response to the European Commission proposal on “Key Information Documents for Investment Products”.

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